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"Mezcal is one of the world’s great spirits: complex, gorgeous and endlessly intriguing, distinguished like great wines by a strong sense of place. Mezcal is little known, however, and even less understood, but paradoxically has been anointed  as the Next Big Thing." Asimov, The New York Times.

Years ago, if you wanted good, Artisanal Mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico, it was easy enough to find. Your neighborhood Mezcalero would fill your empty Coke bottle for a few pesos. Of course, if you didn't live there, you were out of luck. Since then, some things fortunately have remained the same. Sure, there are commercial producers pumping out Mezcal in factories. But the really good stuff is still made in the Palenques. Authentic Mezcal can be made from several varieties of the Agave plant, from the spiky-leafed espadín to the treelike barril, or the Arroqueño. Some agaves grow for up to 28 years before they are harvested, like our Memorable Mezcals Wild Agaves collection. The resulting Mezcal is so expressive of its terroir, the untamed Oaxacan countryside, that it can seem out of place next to your dainty gins — like coming home to find a jaguar snuggled up to your Pomeranian.

Mezcal tastes of fire, smoke, stone, scrappy scrub oak, earthy and fruity. The best Mezcals aren't cheap, but they punch above their weight and are best enjoyed neat, like similarly priced scotch and cognac. Luckily for you, these magnificent spirits are now easier to get your hands on — they're available in the U.S. and now Canada as well, here at The Mezcal, and you don't even have to bring your own bottle.

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