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The Wild Bunch has arrived!

Wild Agave Artisanal Mezcal

An exquisite collection of Wild Agave Mezcal from the Miahuatlán region In Oaxaca is now available at Artisanal Mezcals.

  • Madrecuishe
  • Bicuishe
  • Tepestate
  • Arroqueño
  • Espadìn

Memorable Mezcal, our newest brand from our last scouting trip to Oaxaca in last July, is a unique finding, that truly honors it's name, because is really memorable and remarkable, the tradition in the production of this Mezcal is a legacy of their ancestors as part of a legendary culture that the small producers at Miahuatlan are maintaining until today, generation by generation. This glorious mezcal made from wild agave is the work of the same master mezcalero that produces the legendary Bicuishe, Madrecuishe and Tepeztate Memorable Mezcal varieties. Tepeztate expressions are rare, to say the least, and the extreme conditions that the plant grows in result in mezcals with concentrated, sweet tones of pure nectar.  


Cuatro Vientos: Four Winds.
An amazing finding of Wild agave varieties from the Tamazulapan region in Oaxaca.

  • Tobalá
  • Cuishe
  • Tepeztate

A Small Rural Production community has created this outstanding wild agave mezcal collection with the craftsmanship of a 5th. generation mezcaleros tradition. Get yours before it becomes famous and more expensive, a real bargain for a wild agave selection.  

Our tip of the Month for Summer: Pineapple Juice and Young Mezcal  will make an amazingly refreshing and tasty cocktail for your patio evenings, available now at Artisanal Mezcals. Remember to drink responsibly. We hope you enjoy our newsletter. Your friends at Artisanal Mezcals.  

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