More Fire than Water

Artisanal Mezcals Mezcal The Wall Street Journal Saturday August 15 2015

High-Proof Spirits offer benefits beyond bigger alcohol content: concentrated flavor, bolder character and ,OK,  added swagger

The Wall Street Journal Saturday August 15 2015 -Matthew Kronsberg

"Take a look in your liquor cabinet. Most of the bottles probably clock in somewhere around 80 proof, or 40% Alcohol by Volume (ABV). Put another way, you likely have more water than booze in there. That's no way to live. But there is a whole class of Spirits - call them cask strength, navy strength, over proof or merely high proof - in which the scale tips in favor of Alcohol. Dignity restored."

Artisanal Mezcals proudly has worked in the high-grading with the producer of our High-end organic Mezcal 5 Diamantes , which has a 48.1% Alcohol content, designed to our specifications to satisfy your taste and "restore your dignity..."

Wait no more and enjoy it, High-end Mezcal is scarce, get it while you can.




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