Artisanal Mezcals Last Scouting Trip Findings - October 2016

Anti-stress Mezcal herb-infused Mezcal

During September-October 2016 completed my last Scouting trip to Oaxaca for 2016.

As usual. I got to know the new Mezcals that my producers were working on.

From Marillero in the Sola de Vega region in Oaxaca:

- Now There’s a Weed-Infused Mezcal on the Market, But It’s VERY Expensive.

As you can see, the Mezcal really does take on a strange greenish tint from the infusion. And while the mix could certainly be a strong one in terms of knocking consumers off their feet, it’s unlikely that people are going to go TOO wild with the Mezcal, if only because it’s really, really, really expensive. Half-bottles range in price, depending on the Agave variety, from $120-$300. It’s no wonder, at those prices, why so many new entrants are trying to sell the product, but only a Maestro Mezcalero like the owner of Marillero can have the expertise to do it right.

Anti-stress Mezcal

One Mezcal Aficionado Lady shares her experience with the Anti-stress Mezcal saying, “There’s a little flush after the first sip, but then the effect is really cheery, and at the end of the night you sleep really well.”
I’m sure sleep is not a problem after consuming this stuff, as you may know, it has been for millennia since the native Zapotecs from Oaxaca infused not only that, but many other medicinal herbs into Mezcal, to get cramp relief, to get headache relief, etc.

This is a 5th. Generation Mezcalero at Sola de Vega I had the honor to meet in person, he is a living legend:

Artisanal Mezcalero - Sola de Vega

Even today, during my trip tp the public market in Zaachila, I got myself a couple of amazing  herb-infused Mezcals, as well as fruit-infused Mezcals:

- Cedron Mezcal

- Hibiscus Mezcal

- Guava Mezcal

- Apple Mezcal.

Herb-Infused Mezcals

I know you want to try these also, I'll let you know about it in another blog.

In the meantime, look forward to our future announcement because we will be offering this Amazing Anti-stress Mezcal from Marillero, in Sola de Vega, Oaxaca Mexico.

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