Mezcal Tasting & Mexican Food Pairing - Fall 2018

Mezcal Tasting & Mexican Food Pairing

Mezcal & Pozole

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Yes. it has been a while since the last posting from the Mezcal Market, but here we go again as the air is getting more cold and crispy in Reno.

This is the best time to open your Cinco Diamantes Mezcal Reposado and enjoy the authentic Mezcal & Pozole to warm up your body and elevate your spirit. This pairing is the exact balance with a robust flavor, the combination of smoky, smooth aftertaste and the hominy, meaty taste of Pozole with all the ingredients, and the crunchy sensation of Tostadas.

We are going to host private events this Fall season (only on Fridays and Saturdays, from 6:00 - 6:30 PM and 7:00 - 7:30 PM sharp) and we are going to share with you a very generous plate of the most authentic and exquisite home-made Pozole (sorry, not for vegetarians) with Pork, Tostadas and a generous Mezcal Flight (3 different Mezcals, one ounce each) of our exclusive:

  • Mezcal Reposado Cinco Diamantes
  • Mezcal Añejo Cinco Diamantes
  • Mezcal Marillero Arroqueño from Santa Maria Sola de Vega, for a glorious finish
  • On the house, a welcome Mezcal Cocktail with Young, unaged premium Mezcal and Hibiscus, to clean and to open your palate.

Interested in dates and pricing for reservations? (Limited to only 12 seat per session)

Please send us your interest in our Mezcal Tasting and Mexican Food Pairing at:

Yes, we'll make more events with a different pairing and tasting, please keep in touch and stay informed.



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