Artisanal Mezcals Last Scouting Trip Findings - October 2016

Anti-stress Mezcal herb-infused Mezcal

During September-October 2016 completed my last Scouting trip to Oaxaca for 2016. As usual. I got to know the new Mezcals that my producers were working on. From Marillero in the Sola de Vega region in Oaxaca: - Now There’s a Weed-Infused Mezcal on the Market, But It’s VERY Expensive. As you can see, the Mezcal really does take on a strange greenish tint from the infusion. And while the mix could certainly be a strong one in terms of knocking consumers off their feet, it’s unlikely that people are going to go TOO wild with the Mezcal, if only because it’s really,...

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