Mezcal bars now attracting crowds in cities across US: Heads-up to the Bar industry in Nevada

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Imbibe Magazine article: Mezcal is Hip, is Hot, is trendy but also very scarce, get yours while you still can! Get your business ready for the demand on Cinco de Mayo and Mother's day. Mezcal Liquidation sale right now!  

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Article on Vogue - Forget tequila, Why Artisanal Mezcal is on the rise

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Move Over, Tequila: Why Artisanal Mezcal Is on the RiseAugust 20, 2015 5:37 pm by Chantal Martineau Mexico’s most iconic liquid export has long been tequila. But before tequila, there was Mezcal. This ancient spirit, distilled from the agave plant, is made in remote mountain villages around Mexico. Once misunderstood as little more than moonshine, Mezcal started gaining a cultish following a few years ago for its intense, smoky flavors and the hyper-artisanal way it’s made. Today, Mezcal is having its moment. “There is this romantic quality to it,” says Ivy Mix, a partner in Leyenda, a new cocktail bar...

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