Wild Agaves Collection - only at Artisanal Mezcals

Artisanal Mezcals Mezcal Wild Agave Mezcal

The Wild Bunch has arrived! Wild Agave Artisanal Mezcal An exquisite collection of Wild Agave Mezcal from the Miahuatlán region In Oaxaca is now available at Artisanal Mezcals. Madrecuishe Bicuishe Tepestate Arroqueño Espadìn Memorable Mezcal, our newest brand from our last scouting trip to Oaxaca in last July, is a unique finding, that truly honors it's name, because is really memorable and remarkable, the tradition in the production of this Mezcal is a legacy of their ancestors as part of a legendary culture that the small producers at Miahuatlan are maintaining until today, generation by generation. This glorious mezcal made from wild...

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