The Burn- Festival 2017 in La Playa

That time is around the corner, preparations for attendance to the Burn 2017 in La Playa.

Fear not, The Mezcal Market got you covered for all your Authentic Mezcal needs, either just for you and your crew, or to share with  your fellow Burners, we have prepared a unique offer before your departure for La Playa, we can deliver at your hotel or at your RV Storage facility in Reno and Sparks area :

- The Survival Package: an outstanding selection of Aged Mezcals

-The Bare Necessities Package: an amazing Young Mezcal from Matatlán, Oaxaca

- The Burn 2017 Package: Top of the line

A curated selection of our most authentic Artisanal Mezcals, let your camp be the most popular with these 100% certified of Origin, Authentic Artisanal Mezcals, but hurry, because we have a very limited stock!

Leave us a voice mail (775-200-6293) or send us an email:

We have a gift for you with every order.

Be authentic and original, drink Mezcal and support the Art of Mezcal artisanal distillation back in Oaxaca.

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