Hand-made, Hand-painted, wood-hand carved Alebrije Heart Necklace - is only $14.99 Shipping Included

$ 39.99 $ 14.99

Shipping within the continental US included!

One of a Kind! Each design is unique.

Made of Carved Wood, hand-made, hand-painted, imported from San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca Mexico, where the Alebrijes were born, and the Pixar movie 'Coco' featured Alebrijes coming from this region.

These one of a kind pieces of Oaxaca was part of the latest Art & Culture exhibition of Indigenous People. We  import this art from Oaxaca.

Please support our Artisans, we at the Mezcal Market are proudly Indigenous people.

There are no similar designs an color combinations, each one is unique.

Is a necklace, but you can hang it on your purse, you cell phone case, your rear-view mirror in your car, anywhere! is the most authentic hand-made gift.

    Price is for each.

      Very limited stock, FREE shipping via USPS First Class within the continental US!

      Shipped in a 4"X4"X4" box.

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