San Juan Del Rio

100% Agave Double Distillation process

Located 3 hours up a winding road from Oaxaca City, the village of san Juan del Rio is at an elevation of over 5,000 ft. It is embedded into the arid mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico where the finest blue espadin agave is produced. This award-winning artisanal product is made of 100% certified organic agave. The organic farmers of San Juan del Rio work very hard to hand harvest the blue espadin agave.  Once harvested, the agave is slow backed in a stoned-lined, earthen pit for at least 3 days.
The roasted agave is crushed in a horse-drawn mill (Tahona) , fermented naturally with rain water, and double-distilled in a copper pot. The end product is estate bottle by hand.
The result is a smooth, smoky mezcal  with complex, citrus undertones. We hope that you enjoy this small batch, hand-crafted mezcal with family, friends and food.