What our customers say about us

Mr. Dan W. - Nevada:

"As expected, I love the Marillero Tobalá.  As I had previously stated, I think it was probably the best mezcal I had ever tasted up to that point.  However, I think I may like the Arroqueño even better as it seems to be even more complex, but both are excellent.  There is another dimension added by the clay pot still.
Even though I was most excited about the Marillero, the Memorable selection did not disappoint.  I am glad I bought two bottles of the Memorable Tepeztate.  The minerality is right up front and delicious.  Thanks for the tip.  The Memorable Bicuishe has a soft, almost musty earthiness that is very pleasant.  The Memorable Madrecuishe has a really nice mild flavor with a little something extra that I haven't quite been able to pin down.  The Memorable Arroqueño has a unique floral aroma and flavor that I have not experienced in other mezcals that I have tasted.  The biggest surprise in this collection, however, was the Memorable Espadín.  Even though all mezcals have a unique flavor, after tasting dozens of Espadín joven expressions,  one comes to expect a certain sameness.  This mezcal shined above all other Espadín joven expressions I have tasted with deeper earth tones, a bright agave flavor, and an almost spicy note somewhere in the middle.
The Cinco Diamantes Reposado was also a pleasant surprise.  Though I am not generally a huge fan of aged mezcal, I found great pleasure in sipping this expression.  It far outshines the Los Nahuales repo that I have, which itself is no mezcal to be sneezed at."
Mr. Jones, Idaho.

- "5 Diamantes reposado: Smokey aroma, lots of fruit, especially banana, but not cloying. Smooth transitions between aroma, flavor and finish. No harshness."

- "5 Diamantes anejo (47.2% ABV version). Wonderful carmel & smoke aroma, balanced, smooth finish. Very enjoyable. These are both well-priced, excellent mezcals"

Mezcal PHD, New York
- "New brand in the U.S. A very nice surprise from distributor @artisanalmezcal They told me I was their FIRST online order! A really tasty 40% ABV Mezcal. Recommended by Mezcal amigo Mike Jones. Packaging leaves a bit to be desired but can't argue with the Mezcal." Amor de Agave.
Mr. Charles K. - Oregon

" My favorite so far has been the Benesin Pechuga, really really robust and complex"