The Burn Ultimate Mezcal Package

$ 1,190.00 $ 959.99

Reduced $50.00 just for the Burn 2018!

Valid only until Sept. 3rd.

Free pickup at the Reno Town Mall

For you and your crew:

  • 6 Bottles (750 ml each) Mezcal Cinco Diamantes Reposado (rested, 1 year)
  • 6 Bottles (750 ml each) Mezcal Marillero Arroqueño: The elusive Arroqueño variety of agave produces some of the strongest and most delectable expressions of Mezcal we have ever come across. Rich and elegant, with layers of minerality, gentle smoke, and dried tropical fruits, this rare offering hails from Santa Maria Sola de Vega in Oaxaca Mexico.

  • Don't leave to La Playa without your Mezcal!
    Now offering free Pickup at the Reno Town Mall parking Lot, or inside in our space at the Nevada Marketplace.
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    The Reno Town Mall is conveniently located in South Virginia, just right in front of the Reno-Sparks convention center, and counter-corner of the Atlantis Casino Hotel and resort.
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