Cinco Diamantes Mezcal & Mint Premixed Bottled Cocktail Limite - 50% OFF!

$ 29.99 $ 14.99

100% Certified espadín agave 18% Alc. Vol. Premixed Bottled Cocktail with Mint, 250 ml bottle.

An exquisite combination of herbaceous, fresh  Wild Mint with Mezcal 100% Espadín Agave premixed cocktail, just chill, serve cold.

Our Mezcal & Tamarind bottled pre-mixed cocktail it's an aperitif (pre-meal), our Mezcal & Mint bottled pre-mixed cocktail it's a digestive (after-meal).

This is the best conversation opening for your holidays gatherings and parties.

Hurry up, very limited stock! order now before it's gone.

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