Jicara - Handmade Mezcal drinking cup (Set of 4) imported from Oaxaca Mexico - SOLD OUT!

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jicara, gourds

Sorry, we are completely sold out!

100% natural, hand-made from dried vegetal shell, cut in half, cleaned and dried by sun exposure, Mezcal drinking cup imported from Oaxaca Mexico ( jicara or Jicaritas).

You will get 4 Jicaras shipped via USPS (First Class mail).

Why you need this to drink your Mezcal? Because just as the standard Glaincairn glass, there is a big area to aspire the bouquet of your drink, and in order to better perceive the smoky essence of Mezcal, as it is done in Oaxaca, you want your Jicarita.

Do not use a dish-washer for this, rinse it with just water and use it forever.

Our Jìcaras have been mentioned in the popular blog of Mezcal PHD

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NOTE: the shipment is $9.99 per set, because of the cost of the packing materials plus the cost of the USPS postage First Class Mail.

You will receive a box (6"X6"X6") with packing peanuts and set of 4 Jicaritas.

There are only a few sets available, act now!