Handmade Mezcal drinking Caña (wood cup) made of wood (Set of 2) imported from Oaxaca Mexico - New batch just arrived!

$ 29.99 $ 19.99

Mezcal Shot Cup (Wood) Decorated

100% natural, hand-made from wood , Mezcal drinking shot cup imported from Oaxaca Mexico.

You will get a set of 2 shot glasses hand-made of wood shipped via USPS (First Class mail).

Do not use a dish-washer for this, rinse it with just water and use it forever.

These wood cups for Mezcal from Oaxaca are part of our unique and authentic Mezcal drink-ware collection.

We have:

 In order to compare the thickness of the Carrizo VS the Wood cup, please refer to the last picture on this page, so you can make your choice.

NOTE: the shipment is $9.99 per set, because of the cost of the packing materials plus the cost of the USPS postage First Class Mail.

You will receive a box (6" X 6" X 6") with packing peanuts and set of Mezcal Wood Cup .

There are only a few sets available, act now!