Mezcal Marillero, 100%  Arroqueño Agave- 50% OFF!

Mezcal Marillero, 100% Arroqueño Agave- 50% OFF!

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Marillero Arroqueño Mezcal - In stock

One of the most authentic and flavorful Mezcals we have found in our scouting trips. 

100% Certified Agave Arroqueño, 45% Alc.Vol. from the legendary Santa Maria Sola de Vega Region in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Agave Variety: Arroqueño

Cooking: In an underground conical pit oven

Extraction: by hand, with wooden mallets

Fermentation:in wood vats using native yeast

Distillation: twice in black clay pot stills

Proof: 90

Notes: the Arroqueño is one the best (The actual name is El calor del Marillero Mezcal, or The Heat of Marillero) , a complex Mezcal, herbaceous and earthy,with a peppery, smoky finish.

Exclusively available in the US at The Mezcal, your one-stop shop for High-end, Artisanal Mezcals.

Act now, stock is very limited, and the batch produced was small (less than 300 liters).

Similar Agave from a very commercial brand sales for $138.00, ours have a very superior quality, according to our expert customers in the US and Europe that tried both.


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