Mezcal Memorable Wild Agave Tepeztate- very limited stock

Mezcal Memorable Wild Agave Tepeztate- very limited stock

$ 150.00 $ 124.99

Memorable Mezcal Joven (un-aged) 750 ml Bottle.100% Certified AgaveTepeztate  46.6 % Alc. Vol.

Memorable Tepeztate features artisanal production from Las Salinas Coatecas.

Wild Agave Mezcal is extremely scarce product and stocks are very limited because of the nature of wild agaves (they take longer to grow).

Tepeztate is always a surprise, especially to those who have never tasted it. The agave can take some 25 years to reach maturity and is known to produce a heavily perfumed, robust Mezcal.
This one shows typical varietal character: intense, heady, and full of tropical flavors.
Because the variety is so rare, we have to buy months in advance to mezcaleros to keep up supply.
Variety: Tepeztate
Cooking: in underground conical pit oven for three to five days
Extraction: by mule-drawn tahona
Fermentation: in wooden vats using native yeats for 7 to 15 days
Distillation: twice, in black clay pot stills
Proof:varies, between 94 and 108
Price: market price (up to $170.00) our price is a real deal, buy it while supplies last, stock is very limited!

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