Mezcal Memorable Wild Agaves Collection Minibar size Set of 5 bottles

$ 75.00 $ 59.99

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Mezcal Memorable 100% Certified Agaves:

  • Arroqueño
  • Biscuishe
  • Espadín
  • Madrecuishe
  • Tepeztate

The Wild Bunch has arrived to the US! Mezcal Memorable from Wild Agaves come from the Miahuatlan region in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Each Minibar-size bottle comes with a hand-woven band color-coded to identify the type of agave, the set is 5  minibar size bottles (50 ml each).

Get one of these to try our Wild Agaves Collection to pick your favorite and order the 750 ml Bottle.

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