Mezcal Pre-Mixed Cocktail

$ 35.00 $ 19.99

Our first Mezcal Pre-mixed Cocktail!

An amazingly refreshing Mezcal Espadìn with Hibiscus and Lemon Grass, the perfect balance of fruity without the extra-sweetness.

Hibiscus flowers have been treasured in Oaxaca for centuries. Pretty sure you have tried the "Agua de Jamaica", bloody red and deliciously fresh, either at your local Mexican Restaurant or during your last trip to Oaxaca, or more recently at any coffee shop with the green logo here in the US.

Hibiscus ,Lemon grass and Espadìn Mezcal  (oh my!) from Oaxaca are here to calm your cravings for a summery Mezcal Cocktail pre-mixed at perfection for you all year long!

Made with real natural hibiscus, lemon grass , this bright Mezcal Cocktail marks the ideal intersection of “tart” and “smoky.”  It doesn’t overwhelm the palate; it refreshes it. Also the fruity after-taste of our Espadìn Mezcal will add the extra-kick you are craving from a summer Cocktail.

We are launching our First of many Mezcal Pre-Mixed Cocktails for free pickup only in Reno NV, please visit us back frequently so you are informed of availability for shipping in the continental US via FedEx shortly, and also for our next releases of Mezcal Pre-Mixed Cocktails.

Very limited Quantities, enjoy before is gone!

You can have 3-4 servings with just 1 jar (each cocktail is 250 ML.), just put it on the refrigerator to reach the perfect level of chill!

Coming Soon: Mezcal Pre-Mixed Cocktail with Cucumber, Jalapeño and Mezcal (yes, it will knock your socks out!)


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